After A Lull

Blogging is tough. I have started and stopped and started again. We always have good intentions. May be be in weight loss, mindful practices, or new household routines. We know that is takes a long time for a routine to become a habit. How do we make them stick?

It all begins with our intentions. If we think that a new routine would be great because we read about it on insta, or someone else is thriving from it we will never achieve it. New routines need to be fueled by our own passions and values.


If we do not believe in the outcome of this routine whole heartedly, it will not come to fruition.

So lets lay the foundation. I will happily use myself as an example. I desire to be more thoughtful and vocal on my personal opinions and beliefs in order to help others. So I decided to start this blog about Hope.


I considered journaling or posting on social media to track my journey but they do not have all the statistics and I live by the numbers.

Well I started strong, it dwindled within a month because I set unrealistic expectations. I said I would post once a day and use weekends to write two posts so that I could take a day or two off.. That is insane. So just like many others, I am back at it, but with better goals. 3 posts a week,, that’s it.

I hope you can keep me accountable and let me know how I can help you with your goals! Drop a comment in the box on what you are working to build!

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