Often, it takes a season of transition to remind us of our goals. As a school teacher, the last day of school and the first day are often the hardest moments for reflection. As I sit in my classroom for the final time this year, I am reminded of all that I hoped to achieve over the past 180 school days.

I wanted to get OUT. Like many, I wanted to get out of the classroom and find a new path that would simply supply greater respect and fulfilment. But here I sit ready to return in 64 short summer days.

I wanted to cash out all my sick time. I’ve been ready to take maternity leave for the past two years but my body has not allowed.

I wanted to start my PHD program and begin a path to make greater change in education policy, but the program was not ready for me.

There are many more things I wanted to achieve, but simply, those paths are not for me YET.

I have made connections with over 500 students. I have survived my first year teaching in middle school. I have made a positive impression on my higher-ups, and I have made myself proud.

It is easy to see all the things you don’t have, but more impactful to be grateful for all the things you do. I wish a season of rest to all my fellow educators, and hope that you can look back and be grateful for all the little moments that you selflessly gave to others. We might be tired but we are completely and utterly where we are meant to be.


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