What do you do ALL day?

I recently have pondered how people live. As an avid workhorse, I juggle housekeeping and three jobs. I am sure I have said that before, I take great pride in my ability to keep a tight schedule. But what do people do ALL DAY?

I considered what my life would look like if I could be a stay at home dog mom. Yes it sounds delightful, only having to worry about reading a book at the dog park, and vacuuming up dog hair now and again. It sounded like a dream. Then I had a week off from teaching due to holiday break and I began to go stir crazy.

Everyone needs a purpose, and for many that purpose is to help others, make money, or support a family. While we dream of more vacation time, or more time at home, will that truly make one happy? Of course that driving purpose would have to shift.


As I look inward, I could never find my purpose in being a “homemaker” because I was able to have a satisfying career and keep a house in order. So if I was to ever get the joy of staying home I would not only embrace, but run towards new and impactful opportunities to find a purpose. In addition to enjoying the perks of leaving the nine to five, of course.

What does your 9-5 look like? What drives you?

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

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