How Do You Define Success

I have heard this question from my coach and mentors time and time again. We focus on our next step rather than celebrating all that we did to get us where we currently are.

I know that I have potential to be more, to do more, but at this time I am in a place of holding. Waiting for that next opportunity to arise. This can be an uncomfortable space, and if you are like me, it causes lots of internal animosity.

So when I get the above question, from now I am saying that Success cannot be defined. We use the word success as if its a trophy. One that is always out of reach. We pin this word to other people hoping we could one day compare. Instead of all the synonyms like accomplishment of achievement, I plan to reframe this word as “content”. If we are happy or even content with our progress and our achievements, then we are successful.

It is not a destination but rather a moment to be grateful for the hard work that you have put in. As I write this I know it is still becoming my truth. It makes a lot of sense, I know it is right, but I am still working to embrace it on my day to day.

How would you define success? Does gratitude towards yourself in contentment allow you to feel successful?

Let’s chat! – About Hope of course! ~ Yours Truly.


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