Going Endo

For anyone who has followed along, within the past year I have written about hope in a complicated pregnancy. I wrote about hope as that pregnancy became a miscarriage. I wrote about my hope as I became pregnant again, and wrote again when that one turned into an ectopic surgery.

In this journey I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Just as I was surprised how many women have experienced the fertility challenges that I have upon sharing, it seems that the ENDO is running rampant.

While I write to accept and reflect in this space, I am not down playing the struggle and pain that comes with this disease.


While this space (for me) is a catch all of my feelings and journey through this crazy thing called life, I am focusing on how I can use holistic practices through both my yoga journey and dietary changes to help alleviate this pain.

The goal of the Endo Diet is to reduce inflammation. I have already been gluten free for over 8 years? but that was a decision that was made to reduce the symptoms that I now have a name for.

I hope if you are struggling with similar conditions that you know I am here with you and that we can do this! It may be hard to give up our favorite morning latte or evening snack, but together we can make small changes to better ourselves without the use of medications.

Lets Endo!


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