Communal Healing- Acupuncture

I wish I could type out a post all about healing a community. I know many are hurting, but in my pursuit to heal chronic pain and the varying symptoms of my endometriosis, I have turned holistic. Previously I have posted about my experience with acupuncture consults and the hefty price tags.

Today I write with the most beautiful community I have found. There are doctors out there who care more for their patients than loading up the insurance charges to pocket as much as possible. I have discovered the world of community acupuncture and man, is it spirited.


I currently go twice a week to sit in an open room full of strangers with needles poking out of them. My practitioner has traded in the “spa” like setting and created a welcoming space for multiple people to be treated at once. The design of this system has lowered overhead costs to offer similar treatment (less invasive for points are only used on arms, legs, feet, and head) to allow for more people to experience the benefits of this practice.

This system creates a gentle space for 12 people to receive treatment within an hour. With the rotating beds and staggered scheduling, the practitioner treats, cleans, and welcomes as a one woman army. On the sliding scale of 20-40 dollars per treatment, holistic care has become accessible!

What more could a person ask for. If you are seeking care, or insurance is struggling to accept you providers, PLEASE look for community acupuncture near you.


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