Letters to younger me.

As I ponder my self growth over the last ten-ish years, I always wonder why no one gave me any insight into the challenges you face as you transition from those awkward tween years into the “about to” turn thirty stage.

Yes, I know everyone has a beautifully unique journey, but why are we not honest with our adolescent women. Are we trying to “protect” are we hopeful that everyone will just “find their way”? I have a pretty standard upbringing. Now that I type that, it is not standard anymore. I had two parents who loved me, two brothers that bullied me, and wasn’t exposed to social media until I was well into high school. How come no where in my journey I did not have a window into what the future of being a female looked like?

Today as I was teaching and saw a student reading a text, whose cover represented her gender, race, age, and interests, I wondered why I never read a book that was written for me to prepare me about challenges as an adult. Do we think kids don’t want to hear it? Have we not found a way to reach younger generations?


I may be writing this as an adult child. Teaching middle school in my late twenties while still looking like I’m twelve gives me a different perspective on life. If I was to have this platform I would want to address those things that no one tells you. Like, its important to not get pregnant until you are stable, but you may get to that point and be unable to. Or how who you think you are in the moment will evolve as you experience loss. Maybe even how crucial it is to put your mental health first. Even how to identify feelings rather than running with them.

I have had time and time to reflect on my past ten years and while it sure was a joy I wish I was prepared for the weight I carry in my mid life phase. Choosing what to do with the rest of my career, giving up my dreams to start a family, and equally wanting to enjoy being a creative being is tough and if we empowered our girls to see into this phase, and see into their current phase and women who have made it out alive, maybe we could save our communities a lot of regret and anxiety.



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