End to the Endo.

I am a lucky new owner of Endometriosis. Well, most likely I have had this condition since I was in high school but twenty years later I finally get to deal with it.

I have read the books, changed the diet, and am seeking holistic healing. While I frequently say that this blog is a catch all, and it truly is, I am excited to take this journey with you.

As someone who has been on the yoyo (or rollercoaster one may say) of undiagnosed health issues, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to receive a diagnosis that actually makes sense. Yes, it sucks knowing that a non cancerous tissue is taking over my abdomen and has caused all the pain I endured with two unsuccessful pregnancies, but now I can look this thing in the face, call its name, and put it in its place.


Often we are more worried of the unknown. Using our incredible minds to hash out all the possibilities and often ending up believing the worst. I have adjusted my lifestyle to manage this condition, but simply knowing what it is has been so freeing.

I am hopeful to follow up with how successful I have been with my holistic choices to heal and hopefully resolve the symptoms of this Endo, but for now I am choosing joy because I can now make the right choices for my body, and choosing hope that I can still create a beautiful and successful life despite this physical challenge.


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