Superficial Joy

In a fellowship, a coach of mine asked me what brings me joy. To be quite honest, I did not have an answer for her. In my mind something that brings me joy defines me, it needs to be grand and worth sharing. It lead me on a forever quest to find out what truly brings me joy.

Happiness does not need to be aligned with your vision and goals. Like many, I am constantly hustling to get to a place where I feel I believe I should be. I know the strengths that I have, and work ethic I carry, but I am constantly seeking that place where my work is validated.


I have challenged myself to be content in the moment. Often the new high we are seeking doesn’t feel as we dreamed it would and we keep pushing and pushing onward.

What truly brings joy in the moment seems superficial but it is quite that. They are the little things that make the worldly struggle enjoyable. While I await my next big move, a hazelnut latte warms my soul in the mornings. A long walk with my pups clears my head and allows for meditation and reflection. These are not superficial things but rather little moments of sunshine in a mixed up world.


Today while I struggled to write and felt restless in my space I asked myself what would bring me joy in this moment? – I challenge you to look inward and really settle in. I hope you find joy even if that means a moment of rest in the sun, or an extra hug from your people on the way out the door.

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