As I happily report that my embryo transfer has taken and I await the early scans, I have a word for all the IVF warriors out there.


IVF already costs a pretty penny, but others have jumped on the bandwagon and offer “insight” or their top “tips” to make IVF a less painful journey. – Let’s be honest, the PIO shots are plenty painful enough, and purchasing a bunch of journals, organizers, and special ice packs will not impact your journey, just your bank account.

We have commercialized the IVF and IUI journey to make already suffering couples feel like they need to buy additional items simply to be a part of the community. I can tell you for certain, a bag of peas works just fine to chill your booty before a 1.5inch long needed is poked into the muscle. You can write your medications on a post it for the next few days rather than a special planner.

While for many these additional items give a sense of control in a process vastly out of our control, YOU DO NOT NEED THE PINEAPPLE SOCKS.

If the “Wake Pray Transfer Day” etsy shirt is going to lighten your mood on a nerve rattling day, go for it, but know there are mamas out there who made it through this costly journey with a few extra pennies to spend on the little bundle – or on some extra take out when the cravings hit.

While this is not the most popular opinion, I am here to offer my insight and hopefully if you are reading this, you feel the permission to not give into the vanity of the IVF industry.

Good Luck, Mama.


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