Fertility – Pre Work Up

So you have decided to make the leap. You have accepted that intervention in necessary. Isn’t acceptance the first step? Well, I am with you and currently traveling through the many tasks and todo lists that make up the “work up”. Below is my story and experience.

I miscarried once, ruptured a tube on the next pregnancy and bled out due to an ectopic. In that process I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. With this traumatizing history, I requested a referral since the term IVF kept lingering over my head with every follow up appointment.


I took time to heal before my initial consult. This consult was about an hour long and not too painfully intrusive. Routine questions were asked about our journey as well as personal health. It was a basic overview of options with an ounce of sales pitch thrown in. With so many stats thrown about it was lovely to hear that after all the work up tests were complete, they could estimate a success rate for my case for each procedure.

The work up tests have yet to be painful but rather a practice in patience. Both me and my partner had blood work in addition to genetic testing. Nothing more than a poke. It was nice that with all my body had contributed to this group project, he finally had to drop off a “sample”.

Next comes an ultrasound and bloodwork that must happen while on a specific day of your period. I have been through this ultrasound procedure so many times, I am not phased. I can say, I am definitely not looking forward to it. – This should complete the work up that will gauge the success rate as well as the path that would be the most beneficial. Our providers stated that we are in control and if we want to pursue IVF first – that is our choice. Many require IUI three times before moving on. This is not a scientific fact, but rather an economical decision. Three rounds of IUI is just as costly as one round of IVF. Or so we were told.


Our team was very supportive in sending over test results as they were happening, but I KNEW when something was off. My AMH test came back but they did not share the results. So I did a little digging and am expecting to be informed of my PCOS diagnosis soon. This is not detrimental but this is all to say – DO THE RESEARCH. Just like you are now, there is so much information at our fingertips. Use this to your advantage and advocate for yourself, your body, and your future baby!

If you are beginning this journey, I feel for you and support you. Once all these items are complete in addition to watching informational videos and signing your life away the fun really begins. Be patient while you await your follow up consult. Think and pray over your decision because you need to feel confident and prepared for the road ahead.

Please follow for updates. I would love to hear about your journey in the comments. Let’s connect and normalize this conversation!


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