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We are all searching, hustling, and grinding to get there. Where? We don’t even know. Let’s talk about hope and how we can change the conversation about success.

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Superficial Joy

I have challenged myself to be content in the moment. Often the new high we are seeking doesn’t feel as we dreamed it would and we keep pushing and pushing onward.

Life as a Catch All

This lead me to the idea of a “Catch All”. While I would love to be solely a yoga blog, or a healing blog, my blog is more like the “junk drawer”. That one odd drawer usually in a kitchen that quite often contains everything but the kitchen sink.


This is not a question to keep the wheels spinning – there is a lot to be said about seeking joy while feeling contentment with our current circumstances.

For today, I ask you. What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to impact? What do you hope to change? – Lastly, what is standing in your way?

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