We have commercialized the IVF and IUI journey to make already suffering couples feel like they need to buy additional items simply to be a part of the community. I can tell you for certain, a bag of peas works just fine to chill your booty before a 1.5inch long needed is poked into the…

When Writing is Hard

While the road has been rocky and will continue to be, it is only ourselves we can rely on to create the world and life that we want.


Often, it takes a season of transition to remind us of our goals. As a school teacher, the last day of school and the first day are often the hardest moments for reflection. As I sit in my classroom for the final time this year, I am reminded of all that I hoped to achieve…

Fertility – Pre Work Up

So you have decided to make the leap. You have accepted that intervention in necessary. Isn’t acceptance the first step? Well, I am with you and currently traveling through the many tasks and todo lists that make up the “work up”. Below is my story and experience.

How Do You Define Success

So when I get the above question, from now I am saying that Success cannot be defined. We use the word success as if its a trophy. One that is always out of reach. We pin this word to other people hoping we could one day compare. Instead of all the synonyms like accomplishment of…

What Doesn’t Kill You

Strength is more than mental resilience, but the courage to leap, knowing you will fall and it will suck, but you could be one step closer. As I embark on the infamous IVF journey, I hope to keep my HOPE strong, and share with you how my endometriosis, mindfulness, and strength will persevere.

Communal Healing- Acupuncture

Today I write with the most beautiful community I have found. There are doctors out there who care more for their patients than loading up the insurance charges to pocket as much as possible. I have discovered the world of community acupuncture and man, is it spirited.

Holistic Healing Comes at a Price – Acupuncture to treat Endometriosis

Like many I began the journey into alternative methods to “healing” this condition. Beyond diet and supplements to relieve some of the pain I recently I decided to finally take the dive and do a consult for my local acupuncture and herbal healing/wellness group. The experience was lovely but came at a hefty price tag.

Love Divided- A career woman’s cost to having children

I have heard the same story in so many different ways. Women in the workplace are unable to make career advancements that they desire and deserve due to raising children. On the flip side, well educated and inspiring women with incredible minds are at home making slime instead of creating positive change in the world.

End to the Endo.

Yes, it sucks knowing that a non cancerous tissue is taking over my abdomen and has caused all the pain I endured with two unsuccessful pregnancies, but now I can look this thing in the face, call its name, and put it in its place.

Letters to younger me.

adolescent women. Are we trying to “protect” are we hopeful that everyone will just “find their way”?

Superficial Joy

I have challenged myself to be content in the moment. Often the new high we are seeking doesn’t feel as we dreamed it would and we keep pushing and pushing onward.

Life as a Catch All

This lead me to the idea of a “Catch All”. While I would love to be solely a yoga blog, or a healing blog, my blog is more like the “junk drawer”. That one odd drawer usually in a kitchen that quite often contains everything but the kitchen sink.


This is not a question to keep the wheels spinning – there is a lot to be said about seeking joy while feeling contentment with our current circumstances. For today, I ask you. What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to impact? What do you hope to change? -…

Going Endo

While this space (for me) is a catch all of my feelings and journey through this crazy thing called life, I am focusing on how I can use holistic practices through both my yoga journey and dietary changes to help alleviate this pain.

Finding Joy

What is your purpose? What do you wish to achieve and what is currently in your way? – For me, it was myself that I found in the way of happiness.

Changing Gears

Are you along for the ride? I sure hope so. If you are a fellow yoga teacher please comment your contacts below and I would love to follow your blog and hear about what this practice brings to your journey of hope.

The Struggle is REAL

grow in the suffering. If we have to put up with it as a part of life, we might as well take advantage of it, and use it for our benefit.

Holes in My Heart

When we become our own creatures, we are constantly on a mission to define and become our true selves. Part of this is identifying what has hurt us, what would make us stronger, and possibly heal us.

What are you going through?

We try to empathize all while being envious of others fake reality, then turn that angst inward to guild ourselves into a better tomorrow.

A Closed Door.. Shows Which Doors Have Always Been Open

When a door closes another opens is not nearly true. There are open doors all around us, the closing door is simply showing us the multitude of other doors awaiting our attention and journey.

Food for Thought

While this rant and rave has little conclusion, I consider how these building blocks of managing our balanced state can impact our later interactions and relationships.

Let’s talk about success

It is important to set goals and have a vision, but that goal of success does not mean you should not be grateful for the moment that you are in now.

Why are you here?

Why are you here? Not here on this page, but here on this planet?

Let’s flip the script…

Since the last time I sat down and penned out my thoughts and ideas, lots has changed. This is common for everyone but I feel like it has turned my world upside down.

Back in the Saddle… Again

We have a vision of how life is supposed to look, when we lose control of our plan, our options, or simply our progress things get dim.

When Your Heart Breaks

The number of “Praying for you” texts from non praying people shook me. This isn’t a mistake, this is a loss of a life and dreams. Yet society says “just try again”.

Yogi Yogi – Oh Yogi

I will try my best to not only blog about life and my ponderings, but use this platform to document my journey through this (sadly) digital program.

What do you do ALL day?

Everyone needs a purpose, and for many that purpose is to help others, make money, or support a family. While we dream of more vacation time, or more time at home, will that truly make one happy? Of course that driving purpose would have to shift.

After A Lull

Blogging is tough. I have started and stopped and started again. We always have good intentions. May be be in weight loss, mindful practices, or new household routines. We know that is takes a long time for a routine to become a habit. How do we make them stick? It all begins with our intentions.…

Blood Read Wine

So like many I turned to my doctor, but primarily the internet. When we are experiencing a symptom, uncertainty, or even a pondering pinterest seems to have all the answers.

The Dark Side of the Moon

We have predetermined expectations for every walk of life. Now these are not well educated opinions but rather a montage of what we have seen in movies mashed up with our hopes and dreams.

How Do I Know?

When we are prepared, we can handle whatever is thrown our way. If we are naïve and expect to be filled with all the blessings and joy forever more, we will be extremely disappointed and unprepared for any challenges.

Half Way There

So. You are ready to leave education. What’s next? Many educators are turning a new leaf as the covid pandemic adds additional stress and strain on teachers and learners. Just like an addiction the first step is stating that you have a problem. Many teachers have identified the troubles with this career but have accepted…

HELP! I need somebody.

We are all entitled to our emotions and healthy coping strategies. If no one else has ever told you that, or you are used to hearing how you need to do more “Self care” then read up about how the corporate world expect “hobbies” to cure our metal and physical abuse.

Sweet Pup of Mine

We have substituted the lifetime commitment of procreating for the joys of a pupster that will love us as we binge Netflix, and be excited to see us when we have left them at home to go out with friends.

Here We Go Again

Just because the world has granted us more time, that does not mean your mental capacity expanded.

Time Keeps on Slipping – Slipping

Now as I ponder my life – like many of us- we can’t comprehend how the world keeps getting worse and worse every time we turn on the news. Well what if the world is equally as insane as it was 20 years ago, we are just more aware of the impact?

On the wings of a mental breakdown

We tolerate and endure until we can’t anymore. What would your life look like if you made a change after the first or second red flag?

When a Man Loves a Woman

While we fight for equal rights, we cannot hold on to past ideals. If I can order my own food, open my own door, and get paid a fraction of what men do, and look good doing it, I do not expect men to go back to wearing suits, having affairs with their secretaries, and…

Livin’ on a Prayer- and the electoral collage

Times are scary, so let’s talk about conformity. Naturally… I often view this election as a “no brainer” yet how come I have zero confidence in the general population? It may be odd, but I have yet to encounter someone who will be voting for “the other team”. While we know it is not about…

Breathe, just Breathe

What better way to addict people to screens, phones, and “smart” devices than by making them think it is healthy.

Hey, Mr. Postman

Send a card of appreciation to someone who has touched you (emotionally, obvi.) – but of course text them to get their address first which will totally ruin the surprise. Its all apart of the new hybrid penpal framework.

Who Runs the World? – girls.

So what is second best? – CHANGE- Hence why every educated human and their brother are begging you to VOTE.

Every Move You Make

We place a dollar sign on how much we are worth, and try to find the balance between income and mental health. What moves are you making to monetize on the time you have?

Mr. Blue Sky Please Tell Us WHY?

This isn’t your employers take on “self care” with some pointed agenda. This is finding what speaks to you and how it can heal your soul. Yes, let’s just jump right into the granola.

The Brain Behind the Blog

That understanding alone, combined with my various experiences and ever evolving outlook on life leads me to believe that I have something to offer you and yours.

What is Hope

We all need it, we search for it, and we rely on it. Hope is there when we can’t see what’s next. But how does one find hope?

About Me

Reader, Teacher, Learner

While I read to better understand, I write to explore. As a teacher, yoga addict, and workaholic, I write this blog to share my ever turning wheels. Minds are unique and exquisite. My incredible mind runs solely on coffee and smarties while opening wide for exploration on half hour drives on the beltway to join the daily grind. If no one reads this masterpiece, I can say that the joy is in the process and I sure have enjoyed the ride.

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