Life as a Catch All

While my blog begins its third year and we all embark on our 2022 journey, I began to reflect on the energy this blog brings. It has moments of encouragement, days of brokenly heartfelt stories, and maybe even some posts jotted down out of spite.


When I read all these beautiful blogs across this platform I am consistently impressed. You amazing writers have done an incredible job writing and sharing about your passion. I have learned, laughed, and grown from what I have read. – Turning inward, I was hopeful that others could experience the same, here.

This lead me to the idea of a “Catch All”. While I would love to be solely a yoga blog, or a healing blog, my blog is more like the “junk drawer”. That one odd drawer usually in a kitchen that quite often contains everything but the kitchen sink.


Now I am not saying this is junk. It is quite the opposite. Everything found in that drawer serves a purpose, we just don’t know we need it until a specific moment arises.

I hope that this journey of hope and healing/ranting and raving about my constantly evolving views can be that for you. A place full of bits of wisdom and questioning that is there in the moment that you need it.

I know with this mindset, I will not thrive as a blogger, but just as I believe as an educator and yoga teacher, if I can be the light for one student I can create a ripple effect to create greater change.


If you stumble across anything that resonates with you throughout this junk drawer approach to my writing and sharing I do hope you feel comfortable to leave a comment and I would love to learn more about you!


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