Blood Read Wine

About a month ago I had found my self fallen ill with pregnancy. Yes that is right. The next chapter in my life was about to begin.

While for most this is a very uplifiting time full of hope, there was bright red blood, blood, and more blood.

Ew. I promise there will not be any more gory details morning forward.

Carrying on. So like many I turned to my doctor, but primarily the internet. When we are experiencing a symptom, uncertainty, or even a pondering pinterest seems to have all the answers. Well the answers I was receiving was “Miscarriage”


While my heart sunk, I kept searching. There are many raw and emotional stories out their about loss and if you have or are experiencing that loss I send you all my love. But we need more stories of HOPE. What we focus on, we get more of. Now that will not heal any losses, but I KNOW there are more stories out there with happy endings and we need to celebrate those.

So as for me, I am still with child. I have had all the blood work and scans to confirm it.. for now.. but I just want you to know that if you are worried or scared what might be coming, turn to hope and your affirmations. Then share all of the joy and goodness you were blessed with!!

While I do not have family or close friends that read my blog.. if you are a family or friend that has happened upon it.. Keep this information to yourself!

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We have commercialized the IVF and IUI journey to make already suffering couples feel like they need to buy additional items simply to be a part of the community. I can tell you for certain, a bag of peas works just fine to chill your booty before a 1.5inch long needed is poked into the…


Often, it takes a season of transition to remind us of our goals. As a school teacher, the last day of school and the first day are often the hardest moments for reflection. As I sit in my classroom for the final time this year, I am reminded of all that I hoped to achieve…


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