What Doesn’t Kill You

A while back I heard a speaker focus on strength and grit. In the education field these words are thrown around from time to time to reengage teacher in hopes of getting them to be more compassionate and in the end more productive. We inspire teachers with motivational speakers like once a year and hope to produce better human beings to support our future leaders. But I diverge.

In this talk a statement was made that helped me reimagine strength. We often consider physical or mental strength, but it was brought into a new light. Strength is not tolerating or maintaining endurance through a period of trial, but rather taking the leap when we have fallen there before. For me this strength understanding of my strength was solidified when I decided to try to have a baby again after a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. It is strength to endure treatments, exams, and bad news over and over again with out wavering.


Strength is more than mental resilience, but the courage to leap, knowing you will fall and it will suck, but you could be one step closer. As I embark on the infamous IVF journey, I hope to keep my HOPE strong, and share with you how my endometriosis, mindfulness, and strength will persevere.

Thank you for reading! I hope that soon this page will be full of great news and talk of how to share your hope through good news. Until then I stay grounded in my hope for what the future brings.


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