Love Divided- A career woman’s cost to having children

I have heard the same story in so many different ways. Women in the workplace are unable to make career advancements that they desire and deserve due to raising children.

On the flip side, well educated and inspiring women with incredible minds are at home making slime instead of creating positive change in the world.

I have pondered and tried to cross that bridge myself. How come this bridge is only for us?

With the gender pay gap and inequalities in the workplace it is a shame that even with the greatest technology and “freedoms” we have in the present day, we still guilt women into being the sole providers for little humans.

Taking a step back, I want to apply this inequity to single families. Working and growing a middle class family is near impossible to get ahead as a single parent household. The system has been designed to demand two working adults to support children if there is any hope in advancement or higher education.


This challenge is a not only a political concern but a morale debacle. Should women (who desire to) give up their potential to impact society and sacrifice their talents in hopes of creating and developing another human who will be able to make that change?

Now before I hear from those whose sole goal was to procreate. I see you and I support you. As a career/success/change driven women I do not look down upon your decisions and I know you do not carry any regret in your choices because a new human life is incredible, but I know there are moments of wondering.

Moments that moms around the world look back at their life choices and wonder. How can we take this stressor off of women? How can we as a community or a country support women in the workplace?

Let’s start and carry on this conversation to bring awareness to the many who have given up their passions or hope to trade in their hard work to raise the next great contributors to the world.


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