Holistic Healing Comes at a Price – Acupuncture to treat Endometriosis

If you are also on this journey and sometimes a battle, seeking options to treat “The Endo” you may have felt like you are at a loss.

I know I have. Reading that it there is no known cause, or known “cure” can be hard to swallow. Like many I began the journey into alternative methods to “healing” this condition. Beyond diet and supplements to relieve some of the pain I recently I decided to finally take the dive and do a consult for my local acupuncture and herbal healing/wellness group. The experience was lovely but came at a hefty price tag.


After discussing my case and history I was given a 6 month treatment plan. This plan was to include two visits weekly for acupuncture and other herbal supplements. She stated it would take that long to “clear out” the endometriosis and begin preparing for future plans.

Twice a week in a spa-esq setting (for over an hour a visit) did not sound to shabby. As a teacher I would love to HAVE to sit and relax for two hours a week. But then the discussion of cost was quite shocking.

To be clear, my insurance (provided by teaching in a public school) does not cover any acupuncture for women’s health. So this endeavor would be entirely out of pocket.


The grand total for this treatment to find relief from the endo would cost $7,500. Now if you are in the game of trying to avoid IVF/adoption/foster and all the other alternatives, this price tag seems fairly normal?

I will be conducting a secondary consult and will keep you posted but I am confident it will not come out to be much less.


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