Finding Joy

I started this blog over a year ago while I was holding on to hope and frantically seeking joy. Well with the help of an amazing coach and fellowship program supporting front line women workers, I was able to work on myself and state that I still carry hope with me, but have found joy.

Joy was hard to understand this year as the Holidays came and went. In past years where I was constantly on edge at my job, and packing my schedule to find something that made me feel valuable, I was every excited to decorate and greet the Holiday season. Upon finding joy in my life (not career, side hustle, or validations from the world) I was not nearly as intrigued by the winter hustle and bustle.


I am grateful to have found a balance that gives me purpose and pleasure daily that I do not need to wait for those “big days” or “monumental moments”. I have found ways to support, encourage, and enjoy my day to day which has limited my need for exterior means of joy.

While I cannot give a formula to help you in this moment, it took a great deal of self exploration and I hope to encourage you to begin a journey towards finding joy. Hold on to your hope and use it to propel you towards a joyful and fulfilling life.

To get you started, what is your purpose? What do you wish to achieve and what is currently in your way? – For me, it was myself that I found in the way of happiness.


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