Why are you here?

Not here on this page, but here on this planet?

While we may never know, it is important to understand that this reason ebbs and flows as well as baffles us at times.

As I go through my yoga teacher training I am guided to create a sankalpa – or intention from the heart.

I know that my “why” changes daily but I seek that intention for my life. At times I feel that I am here to educate and support others through my voice and gifts. Other times I feel that I am here to give to others and use my abilities to help others to build more meaningful connections and outlooks.

These sound similar but remind me that I am not on this earth to just educate or just survive. I have abilities and gifts that are meant for greater purposes and I am constantly seeking that purpose.

Sadly, our Sankalpa can come at a cost to our own well being. That my friends is why I am here- emptying my brain to make greater capacity to help others without losing myself.

What is your Sankalpa? Why are you on this earth?


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