Let’s talk about success

What makes someone successful? What do you think success looks like?

I battle with this question, daily. As a classroom teacher who has been through the ringer due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I wanted to get out of the field. It is easy to envision feeling certain ways in different imaginary environments. Now I am not saying a fantasy world but rather other careers that we think would make us feel more important.

Maybe if I had to wear business clothes everyday I would be viewed as more important. Maybe if I was in the medical field I would be of higher regard than teaching middle school kids who ask “are you tired” every time I don’t have time to put on concealer. – Careers/employment that would make us view our time as more valuable and important.

While we may be miserable, a change in environment may not correct that. This is a mental battle that I have about goal setting and lack of contentment. If you are not happy with what you have now, you will never be happy.


It is important to set goals and have a vision, but that goal of success does not mean you should not be grateful for the moment that you are in now.

Embrace the struggle, appreciate all that you are learning from the place that you are in, and as you reflect on success – be realistic in what you desire from that position or achievement. It may be a tough conversation to have with yourself.

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