Let’s flip the script…

Since the last time I sat down and penned out my thoughts and ideas, lots has changed. This is common for everyone but I feel like it has turned my world upside down. I wrote when I was hopeful I would have a viable pregnancy – then lost it. I wrote when I was committing back to taking time to focus on my own hobbies and self growth – then I lost it.

Well this time I lost another pregnancy by means of surgically removing what could ever make one possible, and have completely lost it in means of my mental well being and relationship with my husband.

I fall back to this “blog” to find a space to think, write, and be fairly anonymous- its still linked to me but no know I know, knows it exists. Maybe it will be a cool artifact for long lost family who use those DNA kits? I diverge.

I need to get my thoughts out because there’s too much going on inside – maybe this is what leads to quarter/mid life crisis?

Any words of hope?


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