The Struggle is REAL

Think for a moment, is there anyone who has never faced struggle? – Forget about who you see on social media, is it possible to not face struggle in this life time? – No.

Okay now that is clear, let’s talk about it. In the middle of the struggle, we often isolated, beyond repair, and down right terrible. Now it may be depressing to think about how struggle is a part of life, but struggle is a part of life.

I wish that came across in words as uplifting as it feels. We cannot avoid it, and we cannot prevent it. So it’s time to get used to it. Struggle, difficulties, inconveniences, or whatever you label it, will be a part of our journey. SO it is time we stop taking it personally.


It is human to suffer and it is human to have emotions towards our challenges. What is beautiful is that while we do not have control, it is possible to control our inner dialogue. Rather than viewing the human suffering as “against us” lets partner with the struggle. Let’s look for the opportunities that these situations can bring to us.

Learn through the struggle, grow in the suffering. If we have to put up with it as a part of life, we might as well take advantage of it, and use it for our benefit.


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