Holes in My Heart

While we may feel whole. We are constantly making changes to fill the holes in our hearts.

Now we don’t consciously make these choices to remediate a missing piece, but rather work through our adult life to feel “purpose” or “fulfillment”.

As children we were conditioned to act, respond, and even talk or eat in a specific way. Now this is through no fault of our parents (maybe) but these routines and preferences were built into us.


When we become our own creatures, we are constantly on a mission to define and become our true selves. Part of this is identifying what has hurt us, what would make us stronger, and possibly heal us.

It doesn’t have to be major changes or huge events that can fill those holes but rather the act of identifying them and addressing them. Now I know that I am privileged that “finding joy” seems to be a focus of mine, but we can only fill these holes after our basic necessities are met.

Today I filled a hole in my heart by quitting my fourth job, and accepting a tutoring job that would allow me to help students with subjects that are a talent of mine to teach. While this may seem minute, it is slowly chipping away at filling gaps and finding joy.

What are you doing to fill those holes and manifest greater joy?


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