What are you going through?

Everyone is going through something. We know that but never quite internalize it.

While our struggles may vary in magnitude, everyone you’ve ever met is going through something. While that is depressing, it is also humbling.

If we spent more time being understanding of how people respond while in an emotional or mental state, we would could empathize away the daily nuisances. Unfortunately, we often think that we are the only ones carrying emotional weight and baggage. Then when we turn to social media to zone out our worries, we convince ourselves that no one else is struggling, but instead living a perfectly fabulous life.

Social media is obviously toxic but makes us look so squeaky clean when the world may be crumbling around us.

We try to empathize all while being envious of others fake reality, then turn that angst inward to guild ourselves into a better tomorrow.


I hope you can find an end to this vicious cycle. Start with gratitude and grow from there. Check yourself when you feel envy towards social boasts, remember in your moment that you are enough, you are where you are meant to be, and you cannot be measured against what others put on the screen.

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