A Closed Door.. Shows Which Doors Have Always Been Open

If you have been following on my journey, you may have read about my most recent closing door. Motherhood.

While that may seem depressing, if has offered a new lens in which to view potential.

To many women, the decision to have children or continue in a career do not exist simultaneously. In my late twenties, that is the paradigm I was stuck in. My partner and I wanted to start a family, but I struggled with pressing the breaks on my potential to raise a child/ren properly. The other day, this difficult decision was made for me.

While for many the possibility of not having biological children is a heartbreak, I have decided to view it differently. Not saying it hurts any less.


The door closing on potential parenthood has opened the next twenty years to my own self development. I have found the silver lining to pursue my doctorate. When planning for a family that idea could not be on my radar but with that closed door I find freedom to explore my greatest potential as well as accept the time, energy, and monetary investment that it will take to obtain these credentials.

Life is tough and it likes to kick us when we are down, but we cannot prevent that. Rather than accepting the struggle and self medication as we seem fit, a change of perspective can allow for the ups and downs in life to seem as opportunities and teachings.

I say that now, and know that I am still working through my own grief, but maybe this idea of when a door closes another opens is not nearly true. There are open doors all around us, the closing door is simply showing us the multitude of other doors awaiting our attention and journey.

If we only want one door to be open we are closing ourselves off from all the opportunities and blessings waiting around the corner.

What door has closed for you? What door did you discover?


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