Food for Thought

We are constantly trying to be in control. In control of our surroundings, what we eat, who we spend time with, and how we feel.

When we begin to lose that control many of us go into panic. If we do not know what to expect, how can we respond? How can we simply survive or act accordingly?

Control is both our friend and foe. We need to be able to control our words and use them in the proper way, because if we do not control that filter dependent on where we are there can be consequences.

Control and Consequences go hand in hand. We keep control of our feelings/thoughts/actions then we can prevent negative consequences and hope for positive ones in return. If we lose the control that we have developed over years and years, there are negative consequences that get added to our plate.


But what happens if that control was not modeled or taught in a productive way? What happens to children who do not experience controlled environments? – Easy to add that experience into the trauma category, but how does it later impact adult life? Or vice versa, too much control leading to a fear or even phobia of lack of control.

While this rant and rave has little conclusion, I consider how these building blocks of managing our balanced state can impact our later interactions and relationships.

Many believe that acceptance that everything is out of our control is the only way to find peace. But that is a topic for another day.

Leave your thoughts below! I would love to collaborate and engage more on this topic.


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