Back in the Saddle… Again

When life gets tough, be tougher. In my case that means self reflecting to work through pent up feelings rather than giving up hope.

We have a vision of how life is supposed to look, when we lose control of our plan, our options, or simply our progress things get dim.

I am in that state now. I am searching to get into a new career with limited luck. I was unable to carry a child and have overcome the pain of a miscarriage. I want to do more to help the world become a more just and loving place but no one wants to hire a teacher. Then the list goes on and on.

I have found myself in a dark place and coming back to this blog gives me a way to process. For many we process through fitness routines, music, bingeing certain things, or simply falling into depression.


This is my last ditch effort to keep my depression switch turned off and being mindful of how I respond in this moment that I feel “stuck”. We want to be in control but that is not how life works. So while I wait for life to show me the next move I will find a way to be joyful where I am.

I hope you can too.

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