Yogi Yogi – Oh Yogi

Well I set a goal and failed. Failed sounds rough, let’s say I missed the mark.

New times are ahead. Since I last wrote, I had a miscarriage – after writing about hope, I had an increased desire to quit my job – trying to find hope, and bought many more plants- they give me hope.

As I begin my new chapter I am open and aware of how much potential there is for change. I am embracing and seeking new avenues for bettering myself and others- guess what, teaching isn’t cutting it.

While I seek and hope to find, I will begin a yoga teacher training. Woohoo! I know there are many yogis out there and I am excited to learn from you. I will try my best to not only blog about life and my ponderings, but use this platform to document my journey through this (sadly) digital program.


We shall see! Any insight and advice would be appreciated. Life has been tough, but I will not let it keep me down.

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com

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