The Dark Side of the Moon

We have predetermined expectations for every walk of life. Now these are not well educated opinions but rather a montage of what we have seen in movies mashed up with our hopes and dreams.

The scary part of that is when beautiful life changing moments come, we compare them to what we have seen depicted on screens or through someone else’s lens through social media.


When some of the most defining moments in our life happen we cannot help but think about how we thought it would feel, look like, etc.

As we seek what’s next, thinking that the next milestone will make us feel happy we lose sight of how we feel now. Find joy in the now. It’s easy to say but takes action everyday. When you catch the jealousy or comparision in your mind while scrolling through the gram, or find your self yearning for that perfect person to complete your 5 year plan, stop. Refocus your mind on the joy you have within you and the timing that will come.

Expectations can make or break your happiness unless you harness your thoughts.

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