Half Way There

So. You are ready to leave education. What’s next?

Many educators are turning a new leaf as the covid pandemic adds additional stress and strain on teachers and learners. Just like an addiction the first step is stating that you have a problem.


Many teachers have identified the troubles with this career but have accepted that after a year of less structured “remote learning” they just can not go back. While it may sound silly to abandon the job security of education during a pandemic, many teachers are burnt out and demoralized, ready for a change.

Where do we go from here? We soul search, pray, and apply. While it may seem difficult to translate our jobs into the corporate world, any educator has the organization, long range thinking, and management of 30+ hooligans. I think those skills are in high demand.

Search for the positions to train others, to write curriculum, to invest in your interests. Simply because your degree certifies you to heard cats, that doesn’t mean you do not have other strengths.

If we feel compelled to speak on this more, please leave a comment or like! Teachers gotta teach, but what’s another teacher ranting and raving as an outlet from their workplace trauma? – Me. The stories I could tell. Care to listen?

How Do You Define Success

So when I get the above question, from now I am saying that Success cannot be defined. We use the word success as if its a trophy. One that is always out of reach. We pin this word to other people hoping we could one day compare. Instead of all the synonyms like accomplishment of achievement, I plan to reframe this word as “content”. If we are happy or even content with our progress and our achievements, then we are successful.

What Doesn’t Kill You

Strength is more than mental resilience, but the courage to leap, knowing you will fall and it will suck, but you could be one step closer. As I embark on the infamous IVF journey, I hope to keep my HOPE strong, and share with you how my endometriosis, mindfulness, and strength will persevere.

Communal Healing- Acupuncture

Today I write with the most beautiful community I have found. There are doctors out there who care more for their patients than loading up the insurance charges to pocket as much as possible. I have discovered the world of community acupuncture and man, is it spirited.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

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