Oooh CHILD.. Things are not going to be easier.

We only want to be older, smarter, richer, and more successful. That sure comes at a cost.

As we are busy working for the next big thing, we miss out on what is happening around us. Take myself for example, I am a full time teacher who has three active part time jobs. Now if that doesn’t sound insane, I’m not sure what does.


Do I work because I spend like a lunatic? No. I work because I often heard “Do it while you’re young”. Yup. I internalized the idea that as I get older I will be unable to work 60+ hours a week because I will be too fragile and feeble.

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The root of all this “hustling” is not to buy more things, but to have a nest egg. For individuals who are not getting paid enough that does not come easily.

While I support hard work and try to instill that practice in my students daily, there is a time where hard work becomes a problem.

Yes. I have not taken a day off since my “undeserved” summer vacation when I taught summer school, and have yet to even consider if I could go, do, be anything else what that would be.

So here is my advice to you from a workaholic, do not let your life pass you buy working, saving, and waiting for a “break” do what serves you in the moment. Life is too short and you’re not getting any younger.


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