Sweet Pup of Mine

Okay it is time.

Time to talk about my fur children. While I am not a “dog mom” yes I do treat my furry friends as they are my children.

This seems to be a common occurrence these days, what’s going on? Don’t you worry, I will fill you in. We are selfish people. Yes us late twenty year olds who have no desire to have children but need someone to care for.


We have substituted the lifetime commitment of procreating for the joys of a pupster that will love us as we binge Netflix, and be excited to see us when we have left them at home to go out with friends.

Is this a problem? No. Well maybe for the middle aged women who are desperately seeking grandchildren. To them I say, STOP ASKING! It is none of your business and if you love someone stop asking.

I love my puppers, Norman and Lenny, and they are downright perfect. Please see the image of them as the beautiful angels that they are.

Tell me about your furry babies!


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