Time Keeps on Slipping – Slipping

Well we are not getting any younger. Maybe that is a good thing.

As I woke up daily with a pit in my stomach regarding the election, I had come to realize 50% of the people we meet are garbage people. Yes. Garbage people, not worth our time or energy.

How can half of the nation actively vote for an individual who wants to deprive marginalized of human rights? Its disguising.


Now as I ponder my life – like many of us- we can’t comprehend how the world keeps getting worse and worse every time we turn on the news. Well what if the world is equally as insane as it was 20 years ago, we are just more aware of the impact?

Now I am not saying everything that is happening is fine and should be that way. What I am saying is that clearly we are not dealing with new issues, we are just old enough to understand the troubles of how society was built.

Ponder that and let’s chat. The sequel to this post will be coming soon.

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

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