When a Man Loves a Woman

Chivalry might be dead, but so is making jam.

Times are changing and guess what. You can’t have it all.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

I have hate the phrase “Chivalry is Dead” and sure it is true, but that only means that women are making gains in the world. Yes. Opening doors for the significant other in your life is kind, but who ever thought that a man should order food for their date based on what he thinks she wants to eat? Terrible idea.


In fact if you consider yourself to be anti-feminism, rolling your eyes at my banter, I dare you to order what you think your tinder date wants for dinner. I can guarantee you will be wrong and look silly. (Obviously because women have to also conform to the worlds vision of body image and are probably not eating gluten, carbs, dairy, or sugar that week.)

But as I was saying, while we fight for equal rights, we cannot hold on to past ideals. If I can order my own food, open my own door, and get paid a fraction of what men do, and look good doing it, I do not expect men to go back to wearing suits, having affairs with their secretaries, and dressing like Frank Sinatra.

If that is what you want in life, I am sure you can find a misogynistic individual help you with that, but for the rest of us buy your own flowers, treat yourself to dinner, and wear pants (because we fought for that too).


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