Livin’ on a Prayer- and the electoral collage

Times are scary, so let’s talk about conformity. Naturally…

I often view this election as a “no brainer” yet how come I have zero confidence in the general population?

It may be odd, but I have yet to encounter someone who will be voting for “the other team”. While we know it is not about teams, it is about the greater good. I do not see another 4 years with the 45th as anything but the opposite of good.

While I have faith that everyone and their brother will show up for this election, it makes me ponder how far removed am I from the overwhelming collection of ignorant people?

I have discussed politics with every person under the sun. As an educator, reader, and all around loud mouth, I have shared my views with people of various gender, orientation, religion, race, and walks of life.

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We have all seen the flags, rallies, and outright trash, but where are you? Where in the world is hatred accepted and encouraged? (rhetorical question.. we all know, but come-on, this is a blog)

Humans are driven by emotion, and more specifically, fear. Everything from the media to ill informed political conversations amongst HOA’s either ignites hope or fear. Which side of this election are you on? Hopeful for change and steps towards equal rights for ALL, or fearful that others rights will infringe on yours? If you are the latter, please keep reading to hear about how every person deserves to be treated as such despite not fitting into the predetermined boxes that were created for us.

While many do not realize they are a part of the problem, they are conforming solely to be “right” rather than moral. Per a conversation regarding pronouns “Why do I have to change how I talk for “them”” Whew. That was loaded… because 1. Humans are human 2. Love is Love 3. Hate is hate, no matter how you protest “them” and the fact that someone identifies differently than what you want, you will still be an ignorant piece of garbage. Of course you want to stay within that predetermined box created for you, privileged white male… because the system favors you. End rant.

So without getting into systemic racism, and how the system is set up to oppress, lets find our ways into those broken communities. Seek them out and model morality. Now don’t go running across the large open corn fields tearing down your neighbors Trump flags and preaching how you are a better person, just be a decent human being while questioning them to their core and make them as uncomfortable as possible… or sign them up to receive anti-racism pamphlets in the mail. I mean why else do I talk about my dog being non binary to every patriarch, homophobe, transphobe, etc. possible? My dog doesn’t need me to share their business, but it sure makes those traditional type angry. It’s been working out.

Keep having the “hard” conversations and guess what, you’ll be able to cross a lot of people off your Christmas card mailing list.. or maybe add more solely to remind “them” of what a the future should look and sound like.

Care to hear more of my verbiage on the USPS and how we killed the post office? Check out my post Hey, Mr. Postman.

Keep doing the good work. – Share below how you are working to help the human race!


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