Breathe, just Breathe

Raise your hand if you too get annoyed when your “fitness” watch tells you to breathe or stand up..

Yes, we thought it was a good idea to turn on the “notifications” to remind us to get up and moving, or take a deep breath…While we had good intentions, the tools we use to help us focus on those essential “self care” acts are actually deepening our reliance on technology.

“Reliance on technology for our well being? That doesn’t sound safe. There is no way large corporations want us to crave the latest updates, screens, and smart devices!” She said sarcastically.

What better way to addict people to screens, phones, and “smart” devices than by making them think it is healthy.

Don’t worry, I too have fallen into the trap. If I don’t “start workout” and track it, it didn’t happen. – Did I still raise my heart rate? Yes. Did I even make it to the studio and sweat myself silly while focusing on physical and mental health? Yes.

I encourage you to turn off the reminders and listen to your bodies natural notifications. If you listen I am sure it will tell you when you need a deep breath, and when you should move. Do not become reliant on technology for your metal well being.

What was the silliest thing you’ve done to ensure you got your steps in or reached a move goal? – I can say tracking carrying in the groceries as “mixed cardio” was mine. Comment below!

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