Hey, Mr. Postman

SO we hear the United States Postal Service is dying. We only have ourselves to blame.

I count myself as a part of the problem. Just like you, I too am an eco conscious freak. I have found it unethical to send a few dozen cards this winter with a stock image containing a cheery quote and a half scribbled message to my family members. I refuse to celebrate a holiday full of greed and deforestation. You know, all those trees that are being turned into Santa covered wrapping papers used to disguise whatever piece of overpriced plastic that’s hidden below.

Well that may be a half truth, but let’s discuss a fundamental problem facing the USPS.

Writing letters and sending cards seem to be a dying art. Now do we want to bring back the pointless murder of millions of trees and increase of gas emissions solely to tell someone “get well soon” after they have a botched nose job, no, but it could be nice. We have replaced actually caring – or putting in effort- with DM’s on instagram or texts with animated emojis of ourselves.

Yes you read that correctly and you are guilty of it too. Someone’s birthday – send bitmoji of you holding a cake. Someone’s graduation- send bitmoji of you throwing confetti..

While I do not have any answers on how to save this very important institution, I do want to challenge you to find a local artist and pick up a few cards. I’m sure if you can even find a “local artist” these days they have made some mighty fine items out of recycled papers.

Send a card of appreciation to someone who has touched you (emotionally, obvi.) – but of course text them to get their address first which will totally ruin the surprise. Its all apart of the new hybrid penpal framework.

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

In full disclosure, I searched “postoffice” to add some eye candy to this post and nothing came up so I am speaking the truth. Enjoy.

P.S. if you accept the challenge and do not receive a card back cancel them. JK this is all about love, not a competition. But secretly it is.


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