Who Runs the World? – girls.

Clearly women run the world, but why do we put such stress on the female type? We can run the world without all the pressures of gender equality? – Yes.

If that glass ceiling was shattered there would be no stopping not only women, but mankind. Just consider what would happen if women were given an even playing field.. men would have to compete without a heads start. Que the lights and competition.

Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com

This all funnels back to our “order”. We work to progress through social circles, class, and power. We will never be able to even the playing field for EVERYONE. That would crumble the sense of power that we have in government, authority, and modern civilization. That would mean everyone would have what they need to live without trading in their wellbeing for hours of “front line” minimum wage jobs that still cannot pay the bills.

So what is second best? – CHANGE- Hence why every educated human and their brother are begging you to VOTE.

Now as the wonderful teacher that I am, I will never tell you how to vote, but remember that your vote reflects who you are and what you value. Don’t waste this opportunity to create change, and do not throw away your vote.


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