I’m a Hobby Girl – In a Hobby World

UM. Why do we feel pressured to have hobbies?

This world has gotten far too stressful. There’s no time for family. No time for bettering ourselves. All of my friends from childhood are searching for new careers. We are just DONE. Why?!

How can these STRONG INDPENDNET WOMEN let these pressures get to us. – Guess what- it’s not our fault.

“Self Care” is the problem. This term “Self Care” has been shoved down our throats by those who are driving us to work harder and longer for the same salary.

If we have a “hobby” maybe we would be happy working ourselves to death. This concept has changed having interests outside of work seem like another job. Like when did the corporate world invest in Yoga? They seem to be pushing that shit hard.

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com

Find what brings you joy. Find a healthy outlet to relieve stress, but do not force yourself into a new hobby searching for enlightenment. Find some ideas to explore below but guess what, our interests ebb and flow.

Maybe one day you want to knit and the next sign up for a rock climbing gym membership. That is okay. But I can guarantee that bingeing any vastly popular streaming site while downing a microwave burrito bowl is totally acceptable. Every now and again. Get up, get moving, and get inspired.

Comment below with your new found passions and joys. Look for our upcoming post on Passion.


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