Mr. Blue Sky Please Tell Us WHY?

Seasonal Depression.

Let’s fix that. Yes it is real, and when you shake that up with the stircrazy we call covid19 we have a mess on our hands.

Here’s the catch. We are in control. If we simply HOPE to feel better, HOPE to feel motivated, HOPE for something or someone else to light the fire beneath us, we will never make it. Find the fire within you.



What a great question… This isn’t your employers take on “self care” with some pointed agenda. This is finding what speaks to you and how it can heal your soul. Yes, let’s just jump right into the granola.

Find that “thing”. That thing that brings peace. Might that be wine? Sure. But let us focus on physical, mental, or spiritual growth that can uplift us.

Check out some of these incredible challenges and stepping stones to real self care.


We have commercialized the IVF and IUI journey to make already suffering couples feel like they need to buy additional items simply to be a part of the community. I can tell you for certain, a bag of peas works just fine to chill your booty before a 1.5inch long needed is poked into the…


Often, it takes a season of transition to remind us of our goals. As a school teacher, the last day of school and the first day are often the hardest moments for reflection. As I sit in my classroom for the final time this year, I am reminded of all that I hoped to achieve…

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