Every Move You Make

No, I will not be watching you.

I will be here typing my fingers raw, thinking about how we label success. We make move after move, looking for greater income and greater benefits. We place a dollar sign on how much we are worth, and try to find the balance between income and mental health.

What moves are you making to monetize on the time you have? What moves are you making to enjoy the time that you have, rather than wish it away for what’s “next”?

As a child we hear “when you get older” or “you are too young” this molds us to believe that we have never quite made it. That the next big thing for us is just around the corner.

What moves are you making to enjoy now? To be present. How can hope keep us rooted in our current potential?

Share what you do to balance in the comments!

Photo by nicollazzi xiong on Pexels.com

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