The Brain Behind the Blog

Who are you to talk about hope and success?

In full disclosure, I too am searching. Searching for more out of the one life I am given. That understanding alone, combined with my various experiences and ever evolving outlook on life leads me to believe that I have something to offer you and yours.

From birth we are already ranked in the world. I hear students daily comparing themselves based on their age, clothes, and favorite teams. If we can’t be better than someone else, then we feel inferior. This materialistic and structure of ordering impacts our decisions and emotions.

We all want to have the home, car, career, outfit, and on and on it goes. So I write about hope to find more hope. Hope that we can be greater than our response to “So what do you do?” at the next bar or friendly gathering.

I am confident that as we expose what drives us internally, we can harness that wasted energy to function on a higher level. A level that allows hope to flow through us and into this broken world – Especially now amidst month 9 of the covid19 crisis.


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